Digital Group (DIG)

  • Function:
The Digital Group (DIG) of the Instituto Argentino de Radioastronomía is in charge of the design, development, assembly and testing of Back-ends, Digital Receivers and embedded systems.
  • Skills & Developments:
- VHDL, C, Matlab Developments
- Hardware Design
- Hardware/Software Co-simulation
- Processing Algorithm
- STD-MIL-1553 Modules
- Tailored IP-Cores
- RF control and supervision (/metering) systems
- High Reliability Systems
- Ruggedized Systems
- Embedded Systems:
     - Soft-Processors
     - Operating Systems
     - Data Processing
     - Real-Time
  • Organization Chart:
The staff, with the workplace in the IAR, participant of this group is:
- Eng. Ezequiel Bayerca -- ezequiel -at- iar.unlp.edu.ar
- Eng. Nicolás Casco -- ncasco -at- iar.unlp.edu.ar
- Eng. Eduardo Kunysz -- ekunysz -at- iar.unlp.edu.ar
- Guillermo Gancio -- ggancio -at- iar.unlp.edu.ar
Also has participated Engineers both as students advanced engineering career:
- Eng. Nicolás Catalano
- Eng. Luciano Gimenez
- Eng. Juan Maya
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